GM Targeted By Extremists, Threats of Violence

Pacifica LA General Manager Anyel Fields

KPFK LA GM and others are being targeted for termination for expressing opposition to expanding snake oil & infomercial-type broadcasts on Pacifica. Yay Free Speech, unless of course you’re exposing some inconvenient truths about what’s going on behind the curtain with the board directors of Pacifica. See LA Times link here for a background briefing.

Disturbing information has also come to light about the fringe sectarian political groups on the Pacifica Board that appear to be backing this play. Here’s a link to more info on that and more about the threats to KPFK GM, Anyel Fields.

Militias called for at Pacifica

It was also disclosed that during a recent meeting chaired by a Pacifica Director that a KPFK Local Station Board (LSB) member called for a physical militia to take over all the Pacifica stations locations. That same Pacifica Director chairing the meeting actually thanked that LSB representative for giving that statement! Another meeting participant called to ”bum rush” the Houston KPFT studios. Both physical threats were left unchallenged by the various Pacifica Directors during the meeting.