Instructions to Submit a Letter to the FCC

Here is what you will need to do to submit a letter to the FCC in support of an investigation of WBAI.

We encourage you to read the Pacifica Safety Net petition briefs on WBAI filed with the FCC so you can familiarize yourself with the details (First brief and second brief). There’s lots of exhibits attached, but if you are looking for basics it’s all in the summary on page 3 of the first brief.

Sadly, writing the FCC these days is not as simple as it used to be, writing a paper letter and dropping it in the mail. Letters are now only considered if it’s submitted through an online form, but not to worry, we have listed instructions of filing a letter to the FCC here below.

First off, draft your letter. At the bottom of this page is a sample letter of what you can write to the FCC. The letter does not have to be long. It is very important that you put your own thoughts and words down. Form letters are accorded little to no weight. Please remember to list the FCC WBAI file number 0000180618 in the body of your letter. Once you have finished your letter, save it as a “pdf” document on your computer in a location you can easily find to upload once you go to the FCC site.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Filing your Letter with the FCC

Once you have finished your letter and saved it as a pdf, click on this link to the FCC comments site where you will file your pdf letter. When you’re on that FCC web page, follow these steps to file as an individual:

1) In the pull down menu “Pleading/Appeal Type”, select the “Informal Objection” option.

2) In the Application File Number box, insert this number: 0000180618

3) For the Attachments question, select “Yes”

4) Check the box in the “I Am Not A Robot” block, then check on each of the images displayed that fit the criterion specified, to show you are a real person.

5) Select the blue Save and Continue button. It will bring up a new page asking for additional information.

6) On the Filer Information page, fill in your required contact information. You don’t have to list a company name — instead, write in “Individual”.

7) In Contact Representative section, select the “Pre-fill From Applicant Details” button.

8) Select the blue Save and Continue button. It will bring up a new page asking for additional attachment information. This page may be a little confusing but stick with it. Under Attachment Type “Pleadings” in the “Browse” button, find your pdf letter and upload it.

9) In the Description Box write “FCC Letter.”

10) Next, review the Pleading/Appeal information you submitted for accuracy.

11) Finally, select the blue “Continue To Certify” button in the lower right hand side to submit your letter. You will then see a page that will confirm your letter submission with an ID number assigned that you should save.

If you would care to share your FCC letter with us, please send it to

We thank you for your help in supporting these efforts to root out any illegal activity and bad actors at WBAI-FM.

Sample letter to FCC – (please use your own words):

I’m writing to support an FCC investigation into possible Communications Act violations occurring at WBAI-FM in New York (FCC file #0000180618).

I’m a listener and supporter of noncommercial educational broadcasting. I believe noncommercial broadcasting is a crucial community service that should be protected from any individuals looking to corrupt or profit off of an important, uniquely American nonprofit institution.

I am deeply concerned that educational station WBAI in New York has repeatedly broadcast programming that is in violation of FCC regulations regarding self-inurement at a nonprofit station. I think it’s imperative that the FCC investigate the station and its management and prosecute any wrongdoing by any individual involved any illegal practices.

WBAI has a long history of public service broadcasting. It would be deeply unfortunate if the station were destroyed by a few people that appeared to be motivated by self-interest. It is my sincere hope that the FCC identify the individuals involved so that the station can continue to serve the New York community.

Thank you,

Your Name