Hate Speech, Conspiracies, and Snake Oil

It’s hard to imagine, but you can turn on your Pacifica radio station and hear:

  • Holocaust deniers
  • Anti-vaxxers endangering the lives of children with unscientific rhetoric
  • Conspiracy shills calling the children of Sandy Hook “crisis actors”
  • Nuclear war proponents
  • Hate speech
  • Snake oil salesmen promoting quack cures for cancer and AIDS, preying on the fears and insecurities of the most vulnerable of us for profit.
  • Radio hosts promoting the notion that outer space aliens have invaded the earth and are plotting against us.

Sounds like something that you might hear on Alex Jones or read on QAnon.

You will be shocked to learn that all this can be heard on Pacifica Foundation radio – the nation’s oldest non-profit public radio network reaching over 60+ million people worldwide.

Pacifica Foundation Radio was founded in 1946 to foster peace through informed dialogue. However, for many years, it has been run by Board Members driven by conflicted financial interests and sectarian ideology. Yes, Directors on the Pacifica National Board have supported the very producers who broadcast shows featuring the type of reprehensible content mentioned above and, in so doing, have systematically compromised Pacifica’s mission, squandered the integrity of its stations, and driven away listeners and donors alike from a once thriving network

As a consequence, the network finds itself in dire financial condition. We, the listeners, can no longer tolerate this situation. Luckily, there are financial records, internal communications and audio recordings that point to the overlapping financial interests between National Board Directors and these Programmers.

With your help, we will rid our non-profit stations of any self-interested grifters and ensure that there is no home for hate speech or the exploitation of desperate, vulnerable people looking for cures to their desperate conditions. Read more on alternative “medicine” pledge programming.